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Welcome to Wyvern Magic

Wyvern Magic is a fully featured CRM package and delivers benefits not available in off-the-shelf contact management packages.

First and foremost, Wyvern Magic has been built for marketing people and not statisticians. You dont need a technical or mathematical background to use our powerful analytical tools. Let us get you started by centralising your data into a Single Customer View, whether hosted in the cloud or held on premise.

The immediate and long-term benefits of Wyvern Magic:

Data Building and Seamless Updating

The objective is to build a database and leave seamless updating processes in place. We begin with a full audit of all data sources to identify the type of feed, update frequency & business rules. These are then confirmed in a detailed a technical specification.

Feed type

Data validation

Data enhancement


Email confirmation

The consolidated, merged Single Customer View is an immense asset
and the perfect platform for advanced marketing and CRM strategies.

Marketing and CRM for Profit - Acquire and Develop and Retain

The full complement of Wyvern Magic modules will then be available to implement your customer strategies. Whether your objective is acquisition, customer development or retention, Wyvern Magic has the functionality to deliver it all.

Customer Strategies

Profile target customer groups and find lists with matching affinity – a full data service is available from Wyvern.

Establish customer value bands and Up-sell and Cross-sell your way to proven success.

Implement churn models to reduce retention.

Spend wisely reactivating valued customers and limit spend on the others.

Use automated strategies to talk to your customers when they are listening to you.

Integrated Strategy
Our advice - start simple and work up to a fully integrated strategy.

Not quite sure what to do? Talk to us and we will devise a marketing strategy to suit your budget and leverage the database for you. Even better, we can provide a production service and do all the legwork too!

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